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Thank you for your interest in Quickbooks Online. If you would like to purchase Quickbooks Online now, kindly complete the form below.

Only Quickbooks Online Plus is currently on special. With this offer, you will get Quickbooks Online Plus at N$ 300 per month for three months, after which the regular monthly usage rate of N$ 540 per month will apply.

Quickbooks Online Essentials remains at the current price of N$ 405 per month.

These Online packages are only available on debit order. In order to cancel your subscription, we require one calendar month notice via written request.


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Debit Order Authorization


    1. I confirm that that bank account that I have provided is a valid account and that I have complete authority to instruct Internet Namibia Services CC to process debit orders for my Quickbooks Online Subscription against this account.
    2. I understand that the withdrawal(s) as specified above will be debited through the ACB Magnetic Tape System and I understand that my bank statement(s) will reflect the transaction as such.
    3. I undertake that I will settle all relevant bank costs with regard to this transaction.
    4. I understand that this authorisation may be cancelled by me/us by giving Internet Namibia Services CC one calendar month's written notice.
    5. I understand that I will not be entitled to any refund of fees processed by Internet Namibia Services CC for collection before the cancellation request is received by Internet Namibia Services CC.
    6. I understand that this standing order will be renewed every month until cancelled by myself and that the amount debited from my account may vary subject to the changes in the cost of Quickbooks subscription fees and currency fluctuations.
    7. I understand that this debit order authorisation is for monthly debit orders and that the amounts debited may vary in the first month, depending on whether proportional subscription fees applies to the first month.
    8. I will make sure that there are enough funds available in this bank account on the set date mentioned in point 12 below.
    9. I understand that in the unfortunate event of a rejected transaction, Internet Namibia Services CC will automatically present the rejected amounts the following month in addition to amount due for that month. This will then be considered a double debit. In addition Internet Namibia Services CC will, in its discretion, debit my account with a debit order rejection fee every time a transaction is rejected.
    10. I understand that in the case of three unsuccessful debit orders in a row, Internet Namibia Services CC reserves the right to cancel my debit order arrangement and suspend or delete my Quickbooks subscription entirely.
    11. In such an event, I understand that myself, as proxy for my company, and my company may be jointly and severally held liable for any outstanding costs.
    12. I hereby authorise Internet Namibia Services CC to debit my bank account on the first working day, or closest date, every month.

Electronic Signature Agreement

  • By selecting the ‘submit’ button, you agree that your electronic signature is the legally binding equivalent to your handwritten signature on this debit order instruction.
  • You agree that we don’t have to validate the authorisation you have given with any third party as you have the full legal right to authorise this debit order instruction.
  • You understand that your electronic signature enforces a contractual agreement between you and Internet Namibia Services CC.
  • You confirm that you have authorised all persons who may log into your member profile on your behalf to authorise this debit order instruction.